Although an organ, think of your brain like a muscle; it gets stronger and works better the more it’s exercised. It seems that too often in the workforce of growth companies, employers and employees believe their brain is static, leading them to think that their talent and progress is a permanent thing. In turn, there is an unwillingness to change certain characteristics that could bring about progress and brain-friendly learning. Listen in as our NeuroLeadership experts talk how you can combat a fixed mindset in yourself and throughout your organization, building a more productive growth-minded culture.

A lot happened in 2018, 2019 is all about personal growth and development. Today we will discuss the cutting-edge discoveries of 2018 and how you can learn from them this year! Bringing you brain based content from our leading experts, Dr. Erikson Neilans, and Joan Graci.

Together with Joan and Erik, we dive deeper into how stress effects your decision making. 

Joan Graci and Erikson Neilans, Ph.D. unpack research on overcoming immunity to change and review practices applied by the innovators of today to shape an agile workforce.

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